Specialized Cleaning

Discover MTL’s Specialized Cleaning Outcomes

Every cleaning situation is unique in its way, we can restore and remove the stains virtually all stains, including mineral oxide stains, stains from porous substrates, environmental pollution stains, and rust.

Discover MTL’s Anodized Aluminum Facade Stain Removal Outcomes

Explore the impressive results of MTL’s anodized aluminum facade stain removal services. Witness the transformation and restore the pristine beauty of your building’s exterior.

Discover MTL’s Efflorescence Cleaning Outcomes

In chemistry, efflorescenceis the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating. The essential process involves the dissolving of an internally held salt in water, or occasionally in another solvent. The water, with the salt now held in solution, migrates to the surface, then evaporates, leaving a coating of the salt. In what has been described as “primary efflorescence”, the water is the invader, and the salt was already present internally, and a reverse process, where the salt is originally present externally and is then carried inside in solution, is referred to as “secondary efflorescence.

Efflorescences can occur in natural and built environments. On porous construction materials it may present a cosmetic outer problem only (primary efflorescence causing staining) but can sometimes indicate internal structural weakness (migration/degradation of component materials). Efflorescence may clog the pores of porous materials, resulting in the destruction of those materials by internal water pressure, as seen in the spalling of brick.

Suitable Substrates

While this list is extensive below are a few types of Substrates we can clean or restore.

Brick – Limestone – Concrete – Precast – Exposed Aggregate – Granite – Unpolished Marble – Synthetic Stone – Terrazzo – Anodized Aluminum – EIFS – Uncoated Stainless Steel – Stucco – Glas.

Stain Types

Mineral Oxide Stains – Pollution Stains – Concrete Leaching – Caulk Bleed – Hard Water Stains on Glass – Sealer Overspray on Glass – Sealant Stains … etc.

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